Artist Gabriel Saglio

Since 2019, Gabriel Saglio, singer, songwriter and clarinettist has been the artist in residence at the church of the Vieux-Bourg.

In 2003, Gabriel Saglio started the band Gabriel Saglio et les Vieilles Pies which is famous across France. Their 6th album won a prize in 2018 in the "song" category of the Académie Charles Cros. He has also worked on other projects with different musical groups. In 2020, he ventured out as a solo artist.

Gabriel Saglio lives in Riaillé and discovered the church of the Vieux-Bourg de Saint-Sulpice-des-Landes in the summer of 2018 after attending Bertran Obrée's concert there.

He then asked the Department if he could become an associate artist and rehearse and create his next album in the church of the Vieux-Bourg, whose acoustics and rich heritage interested him greatly.

In 2019 the Department and Gabriel Saglio came to an agreement on the terms of his occupancy of the church, and the agreement was renewed in 2020 and in 2021. The artist recorded the album Valse avec Sirba (clarinet/accordion duo) at the Vieux-Bourg church in 2019 and composed his latest album Lua there. Lua was released in March 2021.

Listen to Gabriel Saglio's interview (in French)

Listen to the song "Vouloir Vivre", recorded at the Church on July 14, 2019

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